Madeixas EP [1998]

by Madeixas

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Madeixas (EP) [1998]

Em 1998 a banda finalmente lançou (de forma independente) seu primeiro cd (EP) intitulado Madeixas.

Uma das faixas desse cd ganhou um videoclipe que foi executado pela MTV, no programa Lado B.

Um EP de seis faixas que mostram a interação perfeita de peso nas guitarras, bateria e baixo, guiando e sendo guiados por linhas vocais com melodias doces para as vozes dos irmão James e Camila Zoschke. Um disco curto, mas, com algumas canções marcantes. Abre com "Drunk joke", também conhecida da coletânea "Controle", o hit "The Spring Dream" fecha o álbum, a canção também entrou na coletânea em CD "Rock na rua".

O EP abriu as portas para a banda Madeixas tocar em várias capitais brasileiras.


released September 19, 1998

James Zoschke: vocal
Camila Zoschke: vocal
Bruno Lobe: baixo
João Pimentel: guitarra
Jonathan Evaristo: bateria



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Madeixas Blumenau, Brazil

Madeixas é uma banda de rock alternativo, surgida em 1996 em Blumenau - SC. Com os membros:
James Zoschke (vocal) - Camila Zoschke (vocal) - João Pimentel (guitarra) - Paulo Jaeger (guitarra) - Bruno Lobe(baixo) - Jonathan Evaristo (bateria) ... more

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Track Name: 1. drunk joke
I never expected you to believe
in all my lies, in all my dreams
Apologies - don't even bother

I never expected you to believe
in all my words, in all my songs
I knew you were drunk, but I got hurt

Don't wanna steal the chair you seat
Don't wanna steal the girl you love
And just this time I'd like to think
that I could have some friends
I'd like to have some... friends

All my life I was alone
Your old records bought my soul
I'd like to guess what's on your mind

I don't care
I still like you
Track Name: 2. I will try
I will try to forget
That I'm trying to forget

My sister can't deny
that I'm really trying
Boring times
I am so weak

My outside
is so hard
Don't copy me

Boring times,
I am so weak
Track Name: 3. vanilla taste
Pay me one sundae, tonight
and then we can watch the brazilian soccer game
Kiss me one time, tonight
Maybe the vanilla taste is still in your red mouth

I`ll buy you flowers

'Cause I want you and I need you
and I love you and I miss you when you're gone

Give me your address, tonight
I promise to write you a letter and send my picture within
Hold me, tonight
I have to go to Rio and I won't come back for 6 months

But I will return

'Cause I want you and I need you
and I love and I miss you when you're gone
Track Name: 4. hey now! (my stomach ache)
Let's eat together
Bacon for your breakfast is not good for your stomach

I advised you
(my stomach ache)

Let's eat together
Pizzas for your supper is not good for your stomach

I advised you
(my stomach ache)
Track Name: 5. broken submarine
This hunting season gets my heart in a good mood
I feel my mind above the sky
Lost in the beauty of your tanned goldie body
My dream is to dive in the sea with you

I wanna go inside

The lonely smile that you gave me among your shiness
Made me so proud, but I hid myself
When I came back to tell you all the thigs that I like
You weren't there, and some tears fell down

I wanna go inside
Track Name: 6. the spring dream
I try to keep life not so deep, not so hard, not so down
I lie to all these people that never get out of my clouds

Would you help me
In this night ?
Would you lend me
your shoulder and your pillow
and your sweet lips?

Meet me there
In the Land of Hope
We'll swim together
Without our clothes
The only happy deal in this lier world

I want to remind your face in my lunch, in my trial, in my dreams
I must strike again all those stones that affected my heart

Would you hold me
Till my sleep?
Would you lend me
your shoulder and your pillow
and your sweet lips?

I'm not satisfied
I'll be back
Wait for me